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    Memory Collectors

    Living Like a Musical

    Living Like a Musical

    Have you ever felt like you are living a life of your dreams? We, as all human beings are made of senses and emotions that cover our body and soul every single moment. I, as being a passionate and imaginative person, try hard to experience every moment as if I am a dancer in a musical, presenting my moves on stage to collect memories and make life even more valuable. Why do I say "a musical"? It's because music is the very best simple melody of motivation and joy through life. It is the simple trigger factor of emotions.

    Think about the times you feel like you are in a place you have been in the past by just a smell of a flower or a fragrance of a person passing by... A taste of a dish you never forget while you were having a great time with your friends or a quick feeling you sense by the sound of a wave on sunset... Suddenly you grasp and feel the blood pressure that moves through your veins because you want to go back to that scene and live that moment once more.

    I will just provide you some suggestions about what to do to collect more memories up until now and even right now while writing this blog post :)

    I bought a pillow with a photo of my favourite place so whenever I look at that pillow, I feel safe and peaceful.

    I work, write, sleep with my favourite music for that time. For instance, now I am listening "City of Stars" from La La Land Movie that embraces me with hopes.

    I spend time with the ones I feel confident and share thoughts and dreams without hesitation. I take photos of moments so that I go back and smile. I choose to live my own decisions and do not be in a situation where I don't want to be. It can sometimes be difficult but believe me after I started doing it, I began feeling stronger and now I collect more memories of my own. As you see, they are very easy to accomplish. Among all, I dream! I try, experience, taste, change, push hard, set goals, give up, watch, lay down, listen and fullfill for my dreams!

    As there is an expression, they are the simple pleasures of life that you should never forget. Do whatever you do but collect memories. All ups and downs are memories, moments you laugh and cry are worth to remember, sitting by yourself doing nothing but breathing is a precious time. Think simple, act simple and see the beauties of life... :)