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    simple community

    Hello! My name is Selay. I have discovered how valuable it is to enjoy life since I started living abroad in different countries especially during my journey in Italy. A total "La Dolce Vita". People laughing, hanging around together, speaking of arts and smiling with happiness.. These had to be a magical secret. Finally I got the reason. What makes us cheer up and enjoy the moment is to feel a self of belonging to a group of people that share the same interests. It is my passion to travel and collect memories. I fulfill myself by hacking the routines and I feel the butterflies in my stomach when I create! Actually when we create, we are all designers. As the designer and co-founder of Simple Community, I am delightful to get to know you and touch your lives :))


    Simple Community


    Our priority was to create products upon life style that gives importance to coolness, comfort and practical daily usage in every occasion.
    Our second focus was to add a unique touch to this simple and multi-functional look.
    Simplicity led us to a high quality leather, practicality led us to multi-functional usage and the unique touch led us to traditional Kutnu fabric of a region in Turkey and innovative materials.


    People who choose to live simple have shared interests.
    They own a common life style.
    And our products have this soul.
    So why not to create a community with these people and our products?


    Simple community bags are 100% handmade _ due to the nature of the fabric and wooden hand loom.
    Simple Community bags are limited edition _ the handcrafted fabric is requiring different work at each stage of production.
    Using various materials is the key point of Simple Community.